A downloadable game for Windows

An Open World, Arcade Driving, Racing, Crashing, Vehicle Simulator.

Currently there are 11+ vehicles to spawn and play around with. More are to be added soon :)

SDS has a Discord server! There, you can get the latest updates, news, and talk to me and our community directly!! We are always open and waiting for you!

-SDS Discord Server-

A new website will be coming soon! I'll keep you posted! :)

Install instructions

If you don't understand how to get SDS to run... You can watch this video.

If you have any other errors or problems, you can visit the Help Hub on the SDS website for more information about Errors.

You can also join the SDS Discord server and ask for help directly, and I will try to help you as soon as possible :)


Sethtek Driving Simulator 0.8.1a 54 MB
SDS MD Update 0.8.2.zip 50 MB


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cool. needs more detail in maps, i want to explore more bro!